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Student workshop Floating Garden 2050

Tuesday, 11/05/2010
Student workshop Floating Garden 2050

The inspection of the Glinki–Kraśnica district inaugurated the workshop attended by 6th-semester students of the Institute of Architecture and Spatial Planning ZUT – majoring in architecture and urban planning (10 people) and 2nd-semester students of the Instituut voor Bouw en Bedrijfskunde Hogeschool Rotterdam (10 people).

The inspection of the workshop study area is to facilitate further activities, i.e. the analysis of the area’s communication and transport accessibility, preparing the concept of development, including the solutions for the area’s communication service, localisation and the function of the buildings (new and existing), as well as landscape design.

The students and invited guests listened to a presentation by Stefan Netsch, who teaches urban and spatial planning in for the Hogeschool Rotterdam M.Eng., who pointed to significant similarities in the development of riverside cities like Szczecin and Rotterdam. He also pointed out that the vast green areas surrounding the river canals and flood waters are the unique quality of Szczecin.
The finale of the four-day workshop will be the visualisations of the design solutions created by five Polish-Dutch teams. All the designs from the workshops will be displayed in the lobby of the Institute of Architecture and Spatial Planning ZUT at ul. Żołnierska 50 in Szczecin.

It is worth mentioning that the stimulus for organising this event was the international planning workshop (May 2009) devoted to the prospects of the Szczecin Metropolitan Area with the participation of the Urban Planning Advisory Team (UPAT), the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP). The Urban Planning Advisory Team ISOCARP was represented by the senior planners from all over the world (Mexico, Argentine, United States, Italy, Germany, Serbia), accompanied by the young planners and students of Szczecin.

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