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It is referred to as the heart of Szczecin. The island is located on the eastern side of the Oder. In the pre-war time, the place was teeming with life. How there is an opportunity for the island to gain new functions. It has a great potential, which is visible especially in the residents’ response to the redevelopment of the embankments. Within the last few years they have become one of the favourite places of recreation for Szczecin's residents. Changes were also initiated by the renovation of the pre-war building called Stara Rzeźnia (the Old Slaughterhouse), which now houses a restaurant, a book store and conference rooms. Moreover, in 2013 the six-storey Lastadia Office building was completed.

Szczecin has an opportunity to transform this part of the city. It is a chance to create a new and appealing space teeming with life.

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