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The Visual Identification System (VIS) consists of 4 basic logotypes which perform specific functions, with the main logo as the symbol of the floating garden vision. Logotypes are legally protected symbols, and their use requires consent granted on the basis of submitting an appropriate form.


Floating Garden_2050

Floating Garden_2050 

The City Office symbol (logo)


Used for the purpose of uniform labelling of all activities consistent with the city brand’s assumptions implemented by the City Office, its organisational units and residents.

​​Floating Garden 2050_tabela kolorów

Znak Urzędu Miasta

Floating Garden_2050    
The City Office symbol (logo)

Used for the purpose of uniform labelling of all activities consistent with the city brand’s assumptions implemented by the City Office, its organisational units and residents.

magistrat tabela kolorów

Herb Miasta

The City's coat of arms    

Used by the Mayor and the City Council to label events covered by the Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of Szczecin.

In line with § 6 item 5 of the City's Statutes, the consent for using the coat of arms is granted by the Mayor.
The detailed description of the coat of arms is included in Appendix No. 5 to the Statutes of the City of Szczecin.


Alert Szczecin

The Szczecin Alert

symbol of the project – app and website which can be used by residents to submit their comments on the city's functioning in the following areas: infrastructure (e.g. road holes, city lighting), cleanness and order (e.g. illegal landfills), safety (e.g. the lack of zebra crossings in dangerous points, additional lighting of dangerous places), public services (e.g. waste disposal, levees not cleared out), urban transport.


Invest in Szczecin

Invest in Szczecin          

symbol of the project carried out by the city addressed to businesses from the following sectors:  ICT, BPO, logistics, biotechnology, renewable energy sources, hospitality and tourism, and connected with the Special Economic Zone.

Fabryka wody

Water factory – experience life 

symbol of the Szczecin water educational. leisure and sports centre to be created in the area of the former Gontynka watering place.

Akademicki Szczecin

The academic Szczecin

symbol of the project carried out by Szczecin's higher education institutions (the Maritime University, the Pomeranian Medical University, the University of Szczecin and the West Pomeranian University of Technology). 

The main goal of the project is to support activities for the development of the Szczecin science and academic centre and cooperation between the scientific, economic and local government communities in line with the assumptions of the Szczecin Development Strategy 2025.

Stettiner Waren

Stettiner Waren - Szczecin’s commodities 

Certification-related decisions are taken by the Certification Board  headed by the Director of the City Culture Centre in Szczecin operating on the basis of the Board's Rules and Regulations. Certificates are issued to artisans who produce ceramics according to historical records, maintaining their high artistic and utilitarian value.



logo of the city’s website whose purpose is to inform residents of municipal matters and environmental activities taking place in the city.

Floating Arena

Floating Arena

The name of the Olympic-size swimming pool selected by way of a competition


In order to achieve a maximum coherence of the prepared promotional materials, the VIS specified the main typography based on the font from the Myriad Pro family.

typography of the Floating Garden symbol

typografia znaku floating garden


Brand colours


Colours of the logo and the whole system refer to water, greenery and space. The colour pattern of the symbol is an important factor shaping the identity and perception of the brand. The table below presents methods of accurate reproduction of the brand colours using various production techniques. Information on the application of the VIS can be obtained at the Mayor’s Office of the Szczecin City Office.


​​Floating Garden 2050_table of colours


​​Floating Garden 2050_tabela kolorów


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