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We take care of the greenery which includes new plantings. In 2018-2019 alone, several thousand trees and shrubs were planted across Szczecin under the PLATAN programme. Year 2019 saw 150 new trees, and over 10,000 shrubs, perennials and grass compositions, being planted to decorate four Szczecin districts.

Szczecin is famous for its greenery unrivalled by many other cities, which is what its residents take pride in. Dozens of hectares of municipal forests and parks create perfect conditions for outdoor rest are relaxation, and for exploring nature. Wooded alleys, along with flowered squares and lawns provide a great opportunity to take a deep breath and escape from hustle and bustle.

The city features over 400 tree species, many of which are unique plants. Some have become traditional city symbols, like the plane tree alleys on Jasne Błonia Square or the Szczecin magnolias. However, the aesthetic and landscape values are not the only qualities that matter. Trees also bring material benefits in terms of the city air quality, securing oxygen suppliers. New plantings make our lives healthier and more pleasurable.

As part of the PLATAN programme launched by the Szczecin City, regular plantings are made across the city. The programme implementation began in spring 2018 with 500 trees and shrubs appearing in different parts of Szczecin. Overall, plants have been grown in hundred locations suggested by members of City District Councils, including in particular squares, parks, playgrounds and lawns across the city, e.g. in Andersa, Gałczyńskiego, Noakowskiego, Liga, Szachisty, Kutrzeby, Majowe,  Łyczywka and Jakuba Wujka parks, on squares in Mazurska, Wawrzyniaka, Bohaterów Warszawy and Zakole streets, and in green areas near Słoneczne Lake and Brodowski Pond, to name a few.

Plant species are carefully selected so as to make the city prettier and appealing to its residents. Cercis and cherry trees are first to burst in bloom. They are soon followed by apple trees, flowering quinces, golden chain trees and Paulownia trees. Butterfly bushes adorn with flowers in summer months, while witch hazel plants and Pyracantha explode with colours in autumn.

Considering the numerous positive reactions from residents, plantings were continued last autumn. Nine locations were selected where several, and sometimes even several hundred, plants were grown. Thorough planting designs were made for the following locations: Hakena Roundabout, Bohaterów Warszawy/5 Lipca Square, Szyrockiego Square, Przerwy–Tetmajera Street, Ogrodnicza Street, Zegadłowicza Street, Józefa Bema Square, Sczanieckiej/Cyryla i Metodego Street, Wyzwolenia Avenue (area behind the Fala Commercial Centre).

In line with residents’ expectations and suggestions, new plantings include ground cover roses, Japanese spirea, royal smoke trees and yews, as well as red maples, birch trees, common maple trees and ornamental apple trees. 


Year 2019 saw 150 trees, and over 10,000 shrubs, perennials and grass compositions, being planted to decorate four Szczecin districts.


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