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Zielone miasto

Green City

Zielone miasto
Green City

Our city is green – clean, resident-friendly, energising.

The Lily Project

We care about water. Our actions have contributed to the fact that another buildings located in the City are connected to the municipal sewage system. We continue to invest in the quality of water which surrounds us and the water we drink.

Ecological Patrol

During the heating seasons a specialist drone flies over Szczecin. It is equipped in sensors measuring air pollution levels and precisely determine the pollution sources.


By taking care of the air, we take care of our health. The MEWA programme financed by the Szczecin City is a follow-up to the Kawka programme funded from the state budget. Its objective is to co-finance the replacement of old furnaces in residents’ houses with more eco-friendly heating systems. We have thus declared war on smog!


We take care of the greenery which includes new plantings. In 2018-2019 alone, several thousand trees and shrubs were planted across Szczecin under the PLATAN programme. Year 2019 saw 150 new trees, and over 10,000 shrubs, perennials and grass compositions, being planted to decorate four Szczecin districts.

EcoGenerator - green energy

A Plant for Thermal Neutralisation of Waste for the Szczecin Metropolitan Area was built in Ostrów Grabowski as one of the most innovative incineration plants in Europe which is able t


Events Szczecin

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