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Green City

Our city is green – clean, resident-friendly, energising. This brought us to the decision to take up a number of measures which would make a real change to the living conditions and positively affect the life of the residents. A coherent and comprehensive strategy encompasses three major areas, i.e. air, water and nature.

For many years now the City has consequently implemented the projects aimed at the improvement of air quality and fighting smog which included the development of public transport, cycling paths, city bike initiative, traffic-calming measures at the city centre, investments in low-emission transport fleet, thermal upgrading of commune facilities. We have a system in place to protect urban green space and the surrounding nature.

We plan to catalogue our green urban space which will set out the direction of further actions in this regard. The huge investment projects has contributed to the fact that we can now proudly invite our city residents to drink tap water safely.

With current needs and, more importantly, the health and wellbeing of Szczecin residents in mind we have systematized those actions and created a coherent project with three flagship programmes as its pillars.

Under MEWA project we support the exchange of central heating furnaces to more eco-friendly heat sources which will give us a chance to breathe cleaner air.

The PLATAN programme encompasses caring for green city space. Only this year we will see the planting of 500 new trees and bushes. LILIA programme is, in turn, our investment in clean water we drink and which surrounds us.

Let us not forget about education and mobilising children and young people with regards to these issues. Thanks to that we can confidently state that Szczecin is a truly Green City.

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