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Unusual discovery in the cathedral

Monday, 05/03/2012
Unusual discovery in the cathedral

An urn has been discovered during maintenance work in the St. James' Basilica Cathedral in Szczecin. There is probably the heart of composer Carl Loewe inside.

The urn has been discovered recently during the renovation of the basilica in one of the pillars located next to the organs. The urn is made of sandstone, weighs 18kg, has 25 cm in diameter and is 42 cm tall. There is a metal capsule inside. The heart of legendary Szczecin composer Carl Loewe may be found inside.

The discovery will be studied soon to dispel all the doubts. Szczecińsko-Kamińska Metropolitan Curia announces that the urn will remain in Szczecin. It will be placed where it was found behind the glass. Special ceremony of funeral liturgy will be held and led by the archbishop.

Carl Loewe was a cantor and an organist in the St. James' Church from 1820 to 1866. In 1824 he set up a music school and became the headmaster. As a composer, he created oratorios, operas and music for romantic ballads. He organized numerous concerts and initiated performances of masterpieces created by outstanding composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach or Ludwig van Beethoven.


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