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Szczecin obtains a City Information System

Tuesday, 30/11/2010
Szczecin obtains a City Information System

Szczecin has developed an organised project for a City Information System. The pilot version of the system has been implemented in the “Brzozowy Zakątek”, an estate that has been built by the Szczecin Social Housing Association.

The City Information System is a system of elements that create signage for the city. The works for developing the Szczecin CIS have been carried out by Loża A5 Company from Gdańsk, chosen through an open tender process. The system is a universal solution that will facilitate finding the right places in Szczecin’s urban iconography. The system reflects the unique atmosphere of the city as well.

“Taking into account its genesis, the City Information System is similar to a system of space orientation. It is supposed to make it easier to move around the city and find the marked places, buildings and public facility objects. The properly designed City Information System should act similarly to the mythical “Ariadne’s thread”. It should guide us in a natural way through the urban tissue, straight to the place we are looking for. The CIS is an applied solution designed to serve the residents and the visitors of the city”, says Aleksandra Sosnowska, Deputy President of the Loża A-5 Company Board.

A distinctive feature of the Szczecin CIS, which makes it different from the signage systems in other cities, is its graphical presentation of the individuality of the city. During work on the CIS, Loża A-5 had analysed city plans and historical solutions that used to be or still are applied in the city.  It also took inspiration from the Floating Garden city brand. Public consultations among different social groups took place as part of the work on the project. Representatives of the tourism and architecture sectors, urbanists, landlords, building and housing cooperatives administrators, journalists, and university research workers had been asked to express their opinions.

Szczecin, as the first city in Poland, decided to look at the problem of developing the CIS in a global way. We thought that it was a great opportunity to expand the scope of the system and unlike other cities we decided to include within the system not only the administrative signage, i.e. street names and numbers, but public transport, tourist routes, bicycycle paths, and street furniture as well. The implementation of the system will make Szczecin the best and the most consistently labelled city in Poland”, says Piotr Wachowicz, the director of the Department of Promotion and Information of the Szczecin City Office.

Szczecin City Office, together with the Szczecin Social Housing Association, have prepared a pilot version of the CIS. The chosen elements of the System have been installed in the “Brzozowy Zakątek” estate in ul. Jana Kazimierza.

“As a person responsible for the administration of many buildings, I can say that a consistent of system of signage is what Szczecin really needs”, says Grażyna Szotkowska, the President of SSHA. “The current state of freedom in labelling the city makes it very difficult for visitors to move around the city”
The implementation of the system is planned for 2011 and depends on the acceptance of the Multiyear Investment Programme, for which resources have been planned for the realisation of this task. For the next 2 years, PLN 2 million have been allocated in the project. Additionally, the City wishes to obtain resources for this purpose from European Funds.

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