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Big names during the Westival

Monday, 29/11/2010
Big names during the Westival

Today and tomorrow, Szczecin will be visited by two prominent architects from Berlin and Paris - Prof. Hans Stimmann and architecture engineer Bertrand Lemoine, who are going to present urban space solutions employed in one of the biggest European capital cities.

Due to the short distance separating Szczecin and Berlin, as well as the growing cooperation each year between these cities, the Westival could not lack a German architectural element. A presentation on the urban planning transformations that took place after the fall of the Berlin Wall will be delivered by the author of the whole enterprise – Prof. Hans Stimmann. The meeting will be held on Monday, 29 November in the 13 Muz Club, at 6 p.m.

The next day, on Tuesday, 30 November at 6 p.m.,  the 13 Muz Club invites participants to come for a second presentation of the “Reconstructions in the biggest capital cities of Europe” series. Bertrand Lemoine, creator of the new spatial order in the capital of France, “New Paris” (the Head of Atelier International du Grand Paris, the Department of Architecture and National Heritage, the Ministry of Culture and Communication)  is going to honour the event.

The Final Architecture Gala is going to take place on 3 December. The programme includes a concert by Sławomir Wilk (an International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition Laureate) and the Baltic Neopolis Orchestra, the awarding of the prize for the best reconstruction in Szczecin, and a summary of the fourth edition of the festival.

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