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50 Brand New Buses in Szczecin

Monday, 15/03/2010
50 Brand New Buses in  Szczecin

Another batch of high-tech low-floor buses has just arrived at Szczecin. This time, 12 Solaris buses were purchased by the Dąbie Szczecin Bus Company. A total of 50 high-tech buses are now moving through Szczecin roads.

Dąbie Szczecin Bus Company has leased eight Solaris Urbino 18 buses, and bought four Solaris Urbino 12’s. Equipped with EEV engines with a higher standard of exhaust emissions than required, all these buses conform to high ecological standards.  The buses feature, among other things, air-conditioning, an internal and external surveillance system, electronic displays, an automatic fire detection and extinguishing system in the engine chamber, an entry- and exit-facilitating ramp at the second door, ticket machines, and new colour patterns for seats and armrests, consistent with the Szczecin brand.

Szczecin replaces its bus fleet on an ongoing basis, considerably increasing the comfort of urban transport passengers. By the end of 2010 Szczecin will have purchased a total of 68 high-tech low-floor buses – says Piotr Krzystek, the Mayor of Szczecin.

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