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Stanisława Engelówna

Stanisława Engelówna

Construction: 1899–1900. Design: Rudolf Rieck. Stanisława Engelówna lived on the third floor in the 1950s.
Stanis³awa Engelówna (1908 Warszawa – 1958 Szczecin), born Angel (after starting her career she translated her last name) – stage actress, Polish film star of the late 1930s, unusual person of Szczecin cultural life of 1950s.

She made her debut in 1935 with a part of Róża in Dożywocie by Aleksander Fredro in Teatr Narodowy (the National Theatre) in Warsaw. Ludwik Solski, director, was the first one to recognize her talent. She acted in Fryderyk Wielki, Sk¹piec, Wesele, Warszawianka. Film production companies offered her parts of beautiful, decent and honest women on the horns of a dilemma and with tragic features. She became famous after acting in Wrzos, Serce matki, O czym siê nie mówi. Her name was magnetic to the cinema audience. She managed to act in six productions before her promising career was interrupted by the war. In 1949 she came to Szczecin for the invitation of National Drama Theatres for a guest performance in Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward. She accepted the proposal of a full-time employment. In those days in Szczecin you have not gone to the theatre, but rather "to see Engelówna".

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