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KATAMARAN-Ausflug am Stettiner Haff

KATAMARAN-Ausflug am  Stettiner Haff
Contact details:

Contact details:
Tel. +48 693 060 712,
+48 693 150085,
www. latarnik-kopice.pl
LATARNIK, Kopice 55,
72-112 Stepnica,
zachodniopomorskie, Poland

You are invited

Neighbourhood of the SZCZECIN LAGOON NATURE PARK provides recreation and stay in the wonderful nature. There are some extremely rare species of plants and birds.
Sailing along the shore we have a unique possibility of observing and photographing waterfowl in its natural habitat. And this all in the scenery of flowers emerging from water.
We can observe flocks of swans and ducks floating majestically at the reeds, cormorants and cranes flying in keys, or white-tailed eagle soaring in the sky, looking for a prey in water.
During the trip go around the mysterious desert island Chełminek, with its inaccessible shores and wild vegetation, still concealing the secrets of World War II.
We can also land on the modern urban beach in Trzebież, and on the way we can admire ocean vessels going to/from Szczecin. During the trip our professional crew is at your service and will tell you about the interesting things that may interest you, regarding the maritime matters, or stories from sailing the oceans of the world.

We offer you trips with a safe passenger shallow draft catamaran, which allows us sailing in many places directly to the shore and observing some charming spots of the Lagoon.
Comfortable upholstered benches will encourage you to wonderful relaxation and a break from the hustle and bustle of urban agglomerations. Removable side panels will allow you to feel the sea breeze and soak up the glorious sunshine.
We are able to take 9 passengers or 6 bikers with the equipment. The trips last from one to several hour, or as requested by the customer. We normally sail to: Trzebież, Stepnica, Czarnocin or around Chełminek – 1 hour.
Police – 2 hours; Wolin, Lubia, Karsibór, Zaleskie, Nowe Warpno – 3 hours.

We sail from 15 April to 15 October.

Pricelist – 100 PLN/hour per catamaran. In case of charter of more than 4 hours the price is negotiable.

Getting there:
From Szczecin with the S3 route to Świnoujście, turn next to Goleniów into the road no. 113, going to Modrzewie, where you turn into the road 112 to Stepnica.
In Stepnica go towards Czarnocin, and after 7 km you are in Kopice.

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