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Camping Marina

Camping Marina
Contact details:

23 Przestrzenna street 70-800 Szczecin

e-mail: campingmarina@campingmarina.pl

+48 91 460 11 65

Camping Marina is located in a picturesque spot on the Southern bank of Lake Dabie, in Szczecin. According to sailors and tourists alike, a charming location and courteous personnel are the secret ingredients of the lovely atmosphere. Camping Marina offers: - a 150-yacht marina - docking/maintenance hangar - year-round camping housing - caravan site - tented field and - restaurant along with a summer garden In addition to the offer for organized tourist groups, Camping Marina offers outdoor activities. Camping Marina is suitable situated, a mere 2 hours by the motorway from Berlin. On the Baltic side, it is accessible through the Szczecin bay, the Oder river or Lake Dabie. Situated but 10 minutes from the center of Szczecin. The camping has received praise from tourists traveling by car, bicycle, kayak and, of course, sailors. The award given by the German Association of Water Tourism - the "Yellow Wave" badge signals the high standard of both equipment and maintenance. Camping Marina is one of the few harbours in Szczecin to receive the Blue Flag - a symbol of high quality of services offered to sailors.

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