Poznaj Szczecin

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Unique tenement houses

Unique tenement houses

When, as a seventeen-year-old girl, I visited Szczecin for the first time, as part of my holiday walking tours, nothing told me that this would be the city of my life.
It captured me with the number of green areas, the inimitable arrangement of the streets, and the exceptional location on the Oder River. However, for various reasons, I felt much closer to Wrocław or Poznań.

Nevertheless, a few years after my first visit to Szczecin, my choice was for that city. I often joke that this was because of a couple of coins that I had dropped to the fountain next to Ekstra Pub, now recognisable by a bit-older generation.

Szczecin was where I started my adult life. This was where I finished studies and gave birth to my daughters who, just like me, cannot imagine living elsewhere. Maybe this is because of the walks along the Kasprowicz Park, visits to Pleciuga, tours along Głębokie and the Bukowa Forest.

Given its diversity, Szczecin is a very friendly city, where I don’t get the feeling of being crowded. I have a choice – I go to work in the Downtown, where I sense the atmosphere of a big city, then I go back home towards the Bukowa Forest, where I feel good and calm. However, even if you work and live in the Downtown, there are still a number of places where you can rest, including Głębokie, the Arkonian Forest, the Wkrzańska Forest, or the Kasprowicz Park nearby.
The streets of Szczecin are really charming, which is because of the generations which crossed “the shade of darkness.” I often raise my head and admire the architectural charm of its tenement houses. Most of them still need renovating but I can see a lot is changing. Both the buildings and the streets are regaining their beauty.

This is the fourth place I’ve lived in my life. I’ve spent thirty years here and I hope there’s still a lot ahead of me. Looking through the windows on the autumn colours of my city, I think to my self that it’s good to be here.

Szczecin resident by choiceSzczecin resident by choice
Has lived and worked in Szczecin for years; likes travelling, exploring new places and spending her free time in an active way
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