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The smell of chocolate

The smell of chocolate

My city – that’s how I always call Szczecin. Although I’ve seen many cities, both in objective and subjective terms much more beautiful than Szczecin, where I could and would like to live, it is Szczecin which I always think of as my city and my home.

If I lived in another housing district than Pogodno, my view of the city would probably be different as well. But I do live in Pogodno, where I can hear the birds singing and see the trees in blossom in the spring and summer, while the autumn blazes with colourful trees with falling leaves. This all makes me have a deep sentiment for this place.

I also love the view from my office window, where I can admire the fishing boats passing by, or the sailing ships moored to the bank, and the bridge over the Oder, well-lit at night.

Szczecin is not the most straightforward city, whose assets are easily noticeable. Some of my friends often complain that nothing really happens here. But I know that if you make some effort you will soon discover an array of attention-drawing events :) I can hardly count the hours I spent at theatre festivals organised by the Kana Theatre, and the number of people I met there, which naturally brought about another interesting events :) Every now and then I discover something new in Szczecin, some alluring backstreet, pub or derelict monument,… something I haven’t been aware of before, which makes I’m never bored with the city :) This is what I always try to show to anyone coming to visit me from a different town. This is the other, less official face of the city, which actually adds to its character. These include the view from Łasztownia, the old tenement houses, the bunkers, and the underground passages.

Besides all these, I don’t think there is any other city centre where I could be captured by a delicious smell of chocolate :)

As her occupation, deals with recruiting shipyard workers to work in Norway; besides, tries to lead an interesting life.
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