Poznaj Szczecin

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The city with a fascinating history

The city with a fascinating  history

I come from the Masurian Region but I chose Szczecin – the city with a fascinating history and huge potential – to be my place of living. This is where I set up my family and started my professional career. I have never regretted that choice. I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else.

I like Szczecin for its Art Nouveau buildings, stylishly-ornamented tenement houses, star-shaped arrangement of streets, and multitude of squares. We should admire the Post-German architecture, which makes the city so distinct from other Polish metropolises, and we should do anything we can to preserve its absolutely unique character.

Location is also an obvious advantage of Szczecin. Frequent and easy travel, both for tourist and business purposes, is facilitated by the closeness of Berlin and a number of seaside resorts.

Szczecin is surrounded by water and green areas. Across the city centre flows the Oder River, while on the outskirts there is an array of picturesque lakes. Parks and green squares lure you to take a rest right in the heart of the city, while the Bukowa Forest (in Polish: Puszcza Bukowa) and the Arkonian Forest (Las Arkoński) invite you to spend your free time outdoors.

What makes the city special is its sea- and river-like character, which we could experience especially during the 2007 Finale of Regatta. The Tall Ships’ Races served as a proof of the excellent organisation and development of Szczecin, and also emphasised its advantages. I don’t think there is anything wrong in perceiving Szczecin as a seaside city. Actually, it is less than 100 kilometres to Świnoujście, and we should make use of that.

If you want to explore Szczecin, I recommend having a walk along the red tourist trail, leading from the central station, via the Chrobry Walls (Wały Chrobrego) and other highlights of the city. The city centre is what should receive the focus, given its historical architecture, which I’ve already mentioned, but there are also some other eye-catching spots, such as the Cave in Dąbie, the Bismarck’s Tower, and the underground stairs. Finally, I would also encourage you to see the old photographs showing Szczecin from before the war.

A resident of Bukowe, aged less than 60.
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