Poznaj Szczecin

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The city of treasures

The  city of treasures

Szczecin is the city where I was born, where I grew up, where I took my first serious decisions, where I experienced love with a happy ending… :)
I love this city because its treasures give us so much joy.

The greenery you can see everywhere is the biggest treasure of the city. I love wandering across the tree alleys with green leaves in the spring, falling gold in the autumn, right under my feet. I love this sense of freedom where, wandering up and down the Warszewo hills, I can at one sight embrace the whole city – the city which ranges in front of me and runs forward, living its own life, and yet which is also mine.

The people are another treasure of the city. Always busy and hard-working, they still have time to go for walks and to take part in various events. Most of all, they are people with open hearts. Szczecin residents usually have smiles on their faces and show willingness to help.  

I love this city because it exists, because the green areas, the blue of the lakes, the spring songs of the birds, and the winter warmth coming from the colourful Christmas lanterns along the streets are all right here. 

I send my greetings to the residents and to other people as well :)

A home bird rather than a club goer; zappy in a positive way; with an optimistic approach to life.
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