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The city of festivals

The city of festivals

Szczecin is the city I’ve always been connected with. I was born here, I grew up here, and I studied here. One would say I know it like the back of my hand. However, it can still surprise me a lot.

Apart from the green land and parks right in the city centre, where you can forget for a while about the everyday hustle and bustle, the city enchants you with its architecture and tenement houses, testifying to its former splendour. The Castle of the Pomeranian Princes (in Polish: Zamek Książąt Pomorskich), the Chrobry Walls, the Cathedral, the old “new” town – these are spots which I always include on the sightseeing map whenever anyone comes to visit me in my city. There are still magical spots of fascinating stories which you can discover in the Downtown.     

Nevertheless, it is not only the greenery and buildings which make Szczecin what it is. This city is alive! Contrary to the common and harmful opinion, quite a lot of things happen here. October and November are the concert months; summer holidays are full of festivals and open-air events, spring months feature gardening fairs and picnics at the Oder, while in the winter you can grab a cup of tea and relax in the Club-Cafeteria in the Bogusław shopping arcade.

The Szczecin Rock Festival, organised not long ago, attracted crowds of music lovers to Szczecin, who wanted to listen to Polish and world-famous stars. More and more people are also coming to a yearly Szczecin event called InSpiracje. Another event, Kontrapunkt, features a variety of theatrical spectacles. Finally, various concerts are organised in the Castle, and the events called Okno and Westival are just about to start.

At night the city shows its different face. Warm street lighting makes it an ideal place for a walk, without the noise of cars and stressed people running in a hurry. Those who seek impressions are invited to clubs and pubs, which cater for all tastes.

You cannot say nothing happens here. All you need to do is just to find out what and where ;)

A Szczecin residentA Szczecin resident:
Aged 30, a graduate from the Interior Decoration Department at the West Pomeranian University of Technology
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