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Szczecin – friendly to children

Szczecin  – friendly to children

I’m a mother of two playful children – Weronika, a first-grade kid, and Joszko, aged two-and-a-half. As any Mum with small kids, I always wonder how I can wisely support the growth of my children. I’d like to help them develop a sense of passion, self-esteem, and creative thinking; to make them ready to walk tall and to face any future challenges without a sense of fear.

Personally, I don’t believe nothing interesting happens in our city, especially as regards families with children, and children themselves, although – as a mother – I was confronted with such a viewpoint.

Because I am a seeker and a non-humble person, I started searching. I wanted to make a list of all the friendly, attractive places with a variety of interesting activities addressed to children. I was extremely surprised to find more than 500 such places! Now I think that what people say is not so important. What matters is how you perceive reality.

I look at my city through the eyes of my children – there is a multitude of fascinating spots, monuments, green areas and attractive events…
Probably a lot depends on us, the residents – whether we care about cleanness, whether we are kind to each other, whether we let  parents with children cross the street when we are driving… which we want to teach our kids. A lot depends also on the restorers and the authorities.

I strongly believe that our city can be famous countrywide for being attractive to children.

Anna MarynowskaAnna Marynowska:
Born and living in Szczecin, professional teacher, spare-time clown, mother of two kids - Weronika and Joszko.
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