Poznaj Szczecin

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Sweet welcome

Sweet welcome

Szczecin is one of the kind. It’s huge, but you can find your way to any place. It seems westernised, but it’s still “ours” and very Polish. It appears squalid, but it’s still rich in truly enchanting spots. Some say it’s ordinary, but the spirit of history seems to emerge from different corners, supported by memories of contemporary residents.

Until you spend an August day on the grassy slopes of the Chrobry Walls, under the sky with a blazing sun, watching the sailing ships moored to the bank, and feeling the warm breeze coming from the Oder, you won’t know what Szczecin really is.

I love Szczecin for its green areas, rivers and lakes, and for the sports stadium at Twardowskiego Street, Juvenalia, and its distinctiveness. But, most of all, I love it because every time I come back, it welcomes me with the all- pervading smell of chocolate, over the Castle Trail (Trasa Zamkowa) or the central station. No welcome can be sweeter, and it makes me know my love to the city is 100% reciprocated.

Anna MarynowskaSzczecinianin:
Happy (though always in a hurry) father of two kids.
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