Poznaj Szczecin

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Great people

Great people

Szczecin is where I was born. It was back in those times where this information could get out of the hospital walls only through a half-open window. But I know it only from tales.

One of my first memories is a slipper falling out of a tower-block balcony in the Słoneczne Housing District, right towards the children carrying sandcastle moulds, completely unaware of this fact. Now, they mould the city of their childhood as adults. And even if they go to Poznań for shopping and attend concerts in Berlin, they still study, work and live in Szczecin. Because there are more trees than concrete here.

In the spring, the lawns become carpets of violet crocuses, and the air is scented with magnolias. The summer has an artistic soul – the theatre comes to the streets, the percussion and guitars come to the stadium, and the colourful fireworks dance not only in the sky, but also on the water surface. The autumn brings a series of meetings with films and music, while the winter is illuminated with thousands of little lights.

For me Szczecin means patties with five flavours, and the world‘s oldest cinema. It means Hormon, Konty and Sławek, where everything begins from a weekend and becomes a long-standing friendship. It also means walks in Kasprowicz, fires by Lake Głębokie, and long chats on Chrobry Walls.

Actually Szczecin means great people, who are its greatest strength.

Aged 25, studies in Poznań, visited Berlin once, spends her summer holiday in the mountains, but always comes back to Szczecin, where she lives and works.


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