Poznaj Szczecin

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For those in love and daydreaming

For  those in love and daydreaming

Szczecin is the star-like city of love :)
Because I suffer from incurable romanticism, my thoughts of Szczecin are closely connected with feelings.

A scent of love, desire, and sympathy lingers over the picturesque streets of both the new and the old town, and over the plane-wood Kasprowicz Park. Finally, these emotions are reflected in the surface of the Emerald Lake (in Polish: Jezioro Szmaragdowe).

Szczecin is the city for those who are in love, or lost in a daydream. This is the place which you can re-discover for yourself a number of times, and let yourself be surprised by it again and again. Located on the Szczecin Lowland, it still features an array of hills, from which you can admire an enchanting night view of the city.
Any season of the year gives me the opportunity to find something poetic in our city. In the winter, the beautiful lighting of the trees along Jana Pawła II Alley always makes me feel the serene and festive atmosphere. In June, I become exhilarated with the scent of flowers in the Różanka Garden.

Despite its scary and dark spots, Szczecin will always have a magnetic effect on me, and whenever I may go in the future, I will remember Szczecin with great sentiment.

Aged 32, a lover of hot chocolate and long walks.
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