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Artistic space

Artistic  space

I’m a Szczecin- born resident and I’m proud of it. I earn my living as an artist, photographer, activist, and operator. I’ve won a number of photography contests (including the Grand National Geographic Contest 2008). I have proudly revealed  and emphasised  in all my works the fact that I come from Szczecin.
The photo I submitted for the National Geographic Contest showed a boy running along the wall of one of the Szczecin schools. This proved one of the decisive aspects of my success. In all articles and interviews (appearing in Polityka, CKM, TVP1), I always stressed where I come from and what impact it has on my works. This was also where I had my first vernissage.

What I like in Szczecin is its contrast, both architectural and cultural. What we inherited from the former German residents now constitutes a goldmine of fascinating stories and themes, which won’t let us forget  the multi-cultural nature of this city.

Although the redeveloped “old-new town” attracts my attention, the innumerable old tenement houses and dark nooks of the city, not very well known to an ordinary resident, are what I like the most. Every housing district has some fascinating little “spice,” which is known only to its residents and which I listen to with sheer pleasure.

Szczecin is also a very green city, starting with parks, through the rich flora of the Central Cemetery, to small trees, paths and bushes, whose picturesque aura can be especially admired in the summer. Finally, we cannot fail to mention the Różanka Garden!

In my opinion, the artistic happenings in the urban space, which is extremely suitable for that purpose, are also exceptional assets of Szczecin. These include theatrical events in Łasztownia, which have a distinct form and which we can from time to time admire thanks to the Kana Theatre. Such happenings are organised at the initiative of Klub XIII Muz, e.g. during the Inspiracje Festival. This allows us to experience the city from a different perspective, not available to everyone on a daily basis, and hence more fascinating. I hope that my city will grow and build itself into a “brand” of an important spot on the map of Poland.

Bartosz MateńkoBartosz Mateńko:
Born in 1987. Artist-photographer, student of Polish Philology at the University of Szczecin and of the Łódź Film School.
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