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Gokart centre in Silver Hotel

Gokart centre in Silver Hotel
Contact details:

Rondo Hakena
70-001 Szczecin

+48 91 44 12 500

Modern, indoor gokart track is a part of Silver Hotel & Gokart Centre which is situated at Hermana Hakena Roundabout. The atmosphere and color scheme is inspired by Formula 1 Races. It is one of the few of its kind in Europe and according to specialists the best in Poland.

Tor Silver is located in 527-meters hall which is 5000 square meters big. There are 20 go-karts for adults, 5 for children and 2 for a parent with a child. Vehicles for the youngest are equipped with special safety belts and safety protections over the seats. Gokart for adults goes at the speed of 60-70km/h. Vehicles for children are 20km/h slower.

The highest safety level is guaranteed by electronic drive system. Service staff can reduce turnovers or even turn off the engines remotely. Each contestant gets a printout of the results. Top 15 list is updated at go-cart’s website


Silver Hotel & Gokart Center is a guarantee of fun at the highest level.

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