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The Eureka Foundation of Professor Jerzy Stelmach

The Eureka Foundation of Professor Jerzy Stelmach
Contact details:

42 Księdza Piotra Ściegiennego st.
70-354 Szczecin


tel. +48 91 350 78 12 tel. 795 111 084

EUREKA offers three interactive exhibitions with experience in science and technology.
The first of them, "Eureka Główna", is located in Ul. Ściegiennego 42 has a collection of about 50 interactive exhibits, including Pythagoras water theorem, ball in the air stream, acoustic telephone, curvature of the light beam in the glass. The exhibition also features a unique exhibition on the Polish scale "Atomowa Eureka" contains m.in. Model of the atomic nucleus (so-called Stelmach disks), an interactive model of the uranium centrifuge and the model of the radioactive decay curve.
The second exhibition "Eureka Ruchu" is located in the Museum of Technology and Communication in Ul. Niemierzyńska 18A has a collection of about 20 interactive exhibits, including magic suitcase, Celtic stone, ecological bike (conversion of muscle energy into electricity).
The third exhibition "Eureka Astronomiczna" or actually the planetarium is located in the tower of the National Museum in Ul. Wały Chrobrego 3. Here you can see planetary shows that show stars, galaxies and constellations in the sky and lots of interesting information about space and the universe. One of the attractions is a rotating model of the Earth, several meters in diameter.

Opening hours:
Wednesday 10.00-16.00
Saturday 11.00-16.00

Ticket prices:
14 PLN (normal) / 10 PLN (reduced)

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