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Camping Marina PTTK Szczecin

Camping Marina PTTK Szczecin
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All season campings
Beautifully situated among the greenery and flowers campings create an attractive offer for any traveler. Houses with heated double bedrooms, bathroom and satellite TV. Camping Marina also has six personally houses located on the shores of Lake Dabie. In addition to the living room with fireplace, kitchen, bathrooms and toilets are located in these two bedrooms. Including Camping Marina offers all year round, heated rooms for 52 persons.
Całoroczne domki kempingowe
On the wooded area equipped with electric and water connections there is a field with the positions of caravan sites for 60 caravans or motorhomes.
At the campsite host most young tourists. Here they can put up to 60 tents.
Restaurant, garden
The big advantage of camping is a restaurant with summer garden. Excellent cuisine, friendly service and cozy place is an attractive offer full board for individual guests and groups. Szczecin and tourists willing to organize family events here, Christmas and carnival. Participates are able to spend the night in houses throughout the year.
Marina with perennial hangar parking

Marina can accommodate up to 150 yachts of any size and draft of 3.5 meters. Yachts moor at the wharf or pier, equipped with electric and water connections. Sailors appreciate bosman clock service and access to current weather forecasts. Yachts can overwinter on the waterfront and in the hangar.

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