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Szczecin of the future is a Floating Garden

Friday, 18/04/2008

Szczecin cherishes a rather well-known West Pomeranian capital’s centuries-old reputation for maritime trade, commerce and industry. Forced to function under the constantly changing economic situation and global conditions, the city started to seek its new identity. It seems it finally got on the track when launched a branding campaign - Szczecin 2050: A Floating Garden.

The new vision of Szczecin is a revolution in the city development. Szczecin turns to water, ecology and plans to combine benefits of a metropolis and a comfortable place to live. The new logo of Szczecin, the city’s name written in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) accompany this new development vision. Floating Garden is a message Szczecin sends to the world. It tells about the openness of the city, its cross-border facilities and vision. It emphasises city’s multi-cultural and multi-language diversity.

The Floating Garden vision determines all activities in the urban functions. In particular, it reflects the city’s investment projects that should follow the idea of an environmentally friendly and modern city. One of the first investments expected to emerge on the Oder River include Lasztownia, Kepa Parnicka, Grodzka, Green, Bielawa, Venice and Jaskolcza Isles. The city plans to build a modern district in a part of this area. The new vision will spread to other investments – city infrastructure, public transport, stadium and a philharmonic orchestra house. Renovation of the railway station, building of a convention centre, the Olympic swimming pool, aquapark, a modern football stadium, marinas on Dabie Lake shores and a ring road are on the list of priority investment projects in the city. On top of that, the new brand leads to converting the city into a strong academic centre, contributing to making the Baltic Sea Region as ”the smartest region in the world”. Besides, Szczecin boasts an active cultural scene - the city is ready to vie for designation as a European Union ‘Capital of Culture’ in the year 2016.

This innovative long-term management strategy, complemented by the new city image identification system introduced in Szczecin will translate the city’s efforts into the city’s viable and vibrant brand as “a new Baltic Neopolis”, built up by numerous variables working together. It is thought to be the city’s road map from today into the future.


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