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Awards for Promotion Campaign

Thursday, 23/04/2009
Awards for Promotion Campaign

Szczecin’s ‘Floating Garden 2050’ branding effort earns recognition at Poland’s Festival of Towns and Regions Promotion competition.

The Floating Garden campaign captured second place in both the Promotional Activity and Events categories, placing behind Lublin and it’s efforts to mark the 90th anniversary of the Wielkopolskie Uprising during the First World War. The Golden Formats competition was organized by the Ströer Group, an outdoor advertising concern.

Representatives of the city that took part in the final gala of this competition in Warsaw were presented with statuettes. For the second place in promotion activity category, Szczecin was awarded with promotional campaign worth PLN 30,000 on Infoscreen company billboards in the Warsaw underground transit network. 

The city also was given an award by Elle Magazine, which is planning an article about Szczecin in a coming issue, for the Floating Garden 2050 campaign.

The Festival of Towns and Regions Promotion is one of the biggest events of its kind in Europe and is organized by the Ströer Group. The 2009 edition drew several hundred participants, including promotion specialists and representatives of municipalities, as well as service providers. Attendees discussed the latest the newest trends of marketing techniques used in promotion of places, including sport and culture marketing.

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