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Floating Garden Tapestry Chosen

Sunday, 22/11/2009
Floating Garden Tapestry Chosen

A design by Daria Kowerczuk from Lisia Góra has been selected to adorn promotional materials and vehicles in the city’s brand-building campaign.

Running from 26 October to 16 November, the competition sought input from graphic designers who were asked to use their skills in conveying the vision of the “Szczecin Floating Garden 2050” concept. The competition attracted great interest, with 63 designers entering a total of 124 works.

In addition to seeing their work used as the livery for public transit vehicles in the city, the winner and runners-up received graphic design software suites and other gifts. Szczecin residents Krzysztof Wiśniewski and Ewa Dajer earned honorable mention for their submissions from a nine-member jury consisting of architects, designers, public transit officials and teachers from local art schools.

The jury based their assessment on the originality of the pattern and consistency with the vision of the city, including the visual identification system. The winning work will be tested during the trial production run and then used as the official fabric design on the public transport vehicles of Szczecin at the start of next year.

For several months, the city has been implementing the strategy for the Szczecin brand, including the so-called Visual Identity System. Blue, green and navy have started to cover all forms of visual communication: promotion, architecture, city space, taxicabs, bus shelters, buses and streetcars. These materials are an integral part of the interior of vehicles and can last for a span of up to 10 years.

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