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Promoting the City in the South

Sunday, 24/05/2009
Promoting the City in the South

Westpomeranian Voivodship Days put the focus on Szczecin in the capital of Upper Silesia.

Taking place in Katowice in May, the regional fair offered local residents the chance to get acquainted with the tourism opportunities in Szczecin and the surrounding area. The city stand invited visitors to attend the Sea Days Festival – Sail Szczecin 2009, which takes place on 12 June.The event, on the Chrobry Embankments and Łasztownia island in the city center, will see a parade of old ships, a mock sea battle and fun fair, as well as music and food.

The city stand also showcased numerous concerts and other attractions, with information available in leaflets and folders.Those who wanted to relax had the opportunity to visit a recreational part of the stand in which special armchairs were displayed to sit on while listening to the events for summer 2009 in Szczecin.

’m very pleased to welcome you in Katowice -- said Mayor Piotr Uszok -- Such form of promotion of the region is a great idea. We wish it fell to Katowice every year.

In the preceding two years, West Pomeranian Voivodship Days were presented in Poznań and Wrocław. In Katowice, many different attractions were organized for visitors. They included interactive games that enabled individual interpretations of the ideas of “water-wind-greenery” and games for children that highlighted the city's assets.

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