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City Information System

Monday, 16/05/2011
City Information System

Szczecin may soon join to the circle of cities that have uniform City Information System. The decision on this will be taken by the councilmen of Szczecin.

During the next session of the City Council there will be made a decision about introducing the City Information System (CIS) in Szczecin.

CIS is close to the spatial orientation system. It facilitates moving around the city, finding places, buildings and points of interest. City Information System is useful for residents and visitors by increasing the level of safety in the city. The most crucial feature of the effective CIS is the uniformity of applied carriers, thanks to this, system can be easily recognizable and comprehensible, may influence on the improvement of municipal visual order and the quality of public sphere.

Well-constructed and effective in conveying information City Information System is the essential element of the infrastructure of every modern city. In 1996, Warsaw initiated to implement (and still continues) the individual city information system as the first city in Poland.

The feature that singles out CIS in Szczecin from systems in other places is the graphical expression of city’s individual personality. City plans and historical solutions applied in the past, as well as these that still exists in Szczecin were used during the works on CIS. There was also made an appeal to the “Floating Garden” city brand. Social consultations were made as the part of the works on the project. Representatives of tourism circles, architects, urban planners, hosts or administrators of buildings (including housing cooperatives), journalists, reporters and university teachers were asked for opinion.

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