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Brand of Szczecin- environmental consultations

Thursday, 10/04/2008

The brand strategy is prepared by the city and consortium of Brand Nature Access company and Corporate Profiles Consulting. The two-days-lasting consultations, that are about to end, are a part of the analysis and research on the current image of the city. The final conclusions are going to be used during works on the brand’s strategy. City advisors are analyzing the results of the research with representatives of different environments: scientific, economic, cultural, sport, journalist. The aim of the consultation is to gain opinions and comments from the guests and to broaden the knowledge concerning the current image of the city and directions of works on the brand’s strategy.
Simultaneously with the consultations there are workshops for the designing team that consists of the employees of the city hall and consortium working on the brand’s strategy. The common effect of workshops and consultations is going to be creation of initial analysis of strong and weak sides of the city, specification of activities, that should be implemented in order to create the city brand and specification of dangers for creation of image of Szczecin.

BNA is obliged to create a long-term strategy of management of the brand of Szczecin together with cataloguing of the system of visual identification of the brand and elements of image communication. Therefore the company will specify the key elements of the brand’s identity, its mission and vision and will carry out a catalogue of system of uniform visual identification and prepare direction projects for the system of city identification.

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