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City Information System – Consultations Have Begun

Friday, 12/03/2010
City Information System –  Consultations Have Begun

Szczecin has been working on the City Information System, with workshops on the System being organised by City Hall. Anyone interested can take part in the discussion on a specially-activated website. The assumptions adopted for the system should be defined in July next year.

The work on creating the City Information System has been conducted by Loża A5, a company selected through a tender. As part of its duties, Loża A5 is in charge of preparing an audit of the current status of Szczecin City’s markings and space, conducting a survey on what the System should entail, and designing a solution to meet the City vision and the original assumptions.

Workshops have been organised at the City Hall as a consultation vehicle for gathering the opinions of city residents, students, tourists and experts with regard to System-related expectations. Discussions were attended by nearly 50 people, invitations having been sent to councillors, tourism industry representatives, architects and city planners, representatives of local companies and budgetary units in charge of the public space, housing cooperatives and officers. Apart from these discussions, workshop participants also completed questionnaires concerning the form of the System, indicating their needs and preferences for the shaping of city information. The analysis of these questionnaires will contribute to defining the final design solutions.

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