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Szczecin’s brand – beginning of works

Thursday, 10/04/2008

In the City Hall of Szczecin there was a press conference concerning the city brand. The President of the city, Mr. Piotr Krzystek, director of the Promotion and Information Division, Mr Piotr Wachowicz and Mr. Wojciech Mierowski, Mrs. Anna Dietl and Mr. Marek Hajdukiewicz – the representatives of Brand Nature Access Ltd., a company which has won the tender for carrying out of the brand’s strategy, took part in the conference.

- I have some very strong feelings towars Szczecin, this is where I was born and started my professional career – said Mr. W. Mierowski, coowner of the company during the conference. Creation of city brand is a complicated task. It does not mean production of a sign, nor a short billboard campaign. It is a range of activities on numerous levels: starting from creation of logo, through carrying out of a coherent visual system of the city as well as communication system, up to the catalogue of conscious activities aimed on implementation of the brand.

The BNA company, chosen in the tender, won with several competitors. In the past the company was responsible for creation of brand of the capital city of Warsaw, changed the image of Polish Telecommunication Company TP S.A. and of Tyskie beer. According to the evaluation of the tenant’s commission, this company has given the best offer – Szczecin has a lot of characteristic features, and based on them we can build the city brand – said Piotr Krzystek. – We want to define professionally the feature of Szczecin that is unique and one-of-a-kind, therefore we decided to make the tender for creation of brand’s strategy.

BNA is obliged to carry out a long-lasting strategy of management of Szczecin’s brand, together with cataloguing of the system of visual identification of the city brand and elements of image communication. The company has about four months to accomplish the order. During that time it is going to analyze the present image of Szczecin, carry out an opening report, execute the research on the desired city image, define key elements of the brand’s identity, its mission and vision and work on the catalogue of system of uniform visual identification as well as prepare direction projects for the system of city identification.

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