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Tender for the brand of Szczecin

Thursday, 10/04/2008

The initial offers in the tender for carrying out of the strategy of brand of Szczecin have been opened.
the following companies made offers that entered the tender:
1. Totem Ltd., seated in Gdańsk,
2. Polish Agency of Tourism Development Joint Stock Company and FRYCZ I WICHA sp. j from Warsaw,
3. Brand Nature Access Ltd., and Corporate Profiles Consulting from Warsaw,
4. Metamorphosis from Wrocław,
5. ESKADRA Ltd., from Warsaw.

All of the above companies took part in the first stage of the tender, for which the total of 15 units applied. They were asked to make an initial offer. Several factors decided. All of the companies had a broad experience in carrying out of the strategies of brands and had well prepared teams of employees. The commission decided, that the offers meet the formal expectations and it is going to start the evaluation of their merits. Next week the commission is going to negotiate with the companies that have made the offers. The aim of the conversation is precision of the expectation of the city towards the participants of the tender. According to the conditions of the tender, the company or consortium of companies that wins the tender is obliged to carry out suitable research in Poland and abroad – especially among tourists, potential entrepreneurs as well as in the inner group, i.e. among the inhabitants of Szczecin. After the final agreement the companies will be asked to make final offers.

The company that wins the tender will carry out a concept of Szczecin’s image, define the strategy of the city brand and create the brand’s catalogue. Through the tender, the city wants to define its individual and unique features, systemize the rules of presentation and communication, and design the system of visual identification. The effect of works on the brand’s strategy is going to be a uniform image of Szczecin.

The city has planned to spend up to 500 000 PLN for the realization of the project. The contract with the winner of the tender shall be signed by the end of August. The brand’s strategy is supposed to be ready in this current year, so its implementation can be started in 2008.


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