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The Lily Project

We care about water. Our actions have contributed to the fact that another buildings located in the City are connected to the municipal sewage system. We continue to invest in the quality of water which surrounds us and the water we drink. We do it for the health of the City residents and for the environment.

Fresh water is a source of life and one of the most valuable natural resources on our planet. Water is necessary to sustain life but in Szczecin it is also a large part of it due to the City’s geographical location. It is the City’s mission to provide its residents with healthy water of highest quality and to care about environment, including rivers and lakes.

The term pure water describes both the product we provide to our residents through the water supply system and the effects of operations of our sewage treatment plants which receive wastewater through sewage system and then treats it to obtain the parameters higher than those of water in the Oder river. From the technological point of view these are two separate processes which begin and end in our houses.

Thanks to the investment implemented in the last years, Szczecin has joined the top group of the cities which are both resident- and environment-friendly. The parameters of water provided to the Szczecin residents not only comply with strict requirements for drinking water but also are very often of even higher standard.

The extension of Miedwie Water Production Plant and building of the second railway line helped Szczecin to obtain stable and safe source of pure and healthy, double-filtrated water in the amount that fully satisfy the needs of the City, even in periods of long-lasting drought. At present the City can develop without worrying about shortages of drinking water.

The second pillar of our system is “Pomorzany,” one of the most innovative water treatment plants in Europe. Its creation allowed to crossed out Szczecin from the infamous register of the greatest pollution-generating Baltic cities. What is more, each day of its operation makes the water in the Oder river, Dębie Lake and Szczecin Lagoon more and more clean – the fact which is supported by the ecologists.

The regions of Oder basin and Szczecin Lagoon which used to be degraded now is visibly rejuvenated. Many fish and plant species which haven’t been seen here for a long time returned to the region. This fact should not come as a surprise – the wastewater treated in the Pomorzany plant has better parameters than water flowing in the river nearby.

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