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EcoGenerator - green energy

A Plant for Thermal Neutralisation of Waste for the Szczecin Metropolitan Area was built in Ostrów Grabowski as one of the most innovative incineration plants in Europe which is able to process 150 000 tons of waste and turn it into energy. It is also a new, green vision of the city’s development.

The incineration plant was named EcoGenerator, because it generates pure, positive energy from useless waste. The innovative technologies allow to safely transform the waste into warm, energy impulse.

We refer to the idea of sustained growth which is based on the assumption that contemporary generation cannot develop at the expense of the future generations’ living conditions. We want this idea to trigger pro-environmental actions and attitudes. This is why EcoGenerator will not only be a state-of-the-art industrial plant equal to Floating Garden_2050 but also an active centre of environmental education. By building EcoGenerator we create the Green City – a metropolis which grows in accordance with nature.

Main objectives of this investment include environment protection, improvement of residents’ life quality and the development of waste management policy in Szczecin and the region. The waste in landfills take up a huge space areas, pollute soil and surface waters. The basic assumption of new waste management system is reducing the production of waste and its maximum recycling as raw and energy-producing materials.

The creation of incineration plant means that the remaining mixed and ballast waste will be sent to the Plant for Thermal Neutralisation of Waste, that is to the EcoGenerator. The developed countries see the amount of recyclable or compostable waste at the level of approx. 60%. The remaining part is not suitable for reuse, hence the best solution to treat them is incineration with energy recovery.

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