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The Szczecin Yacht Port

Friday, 17/12/2010
The Szczecin Yacht Port

This place, friendly to yachtsmen, tourists and residents, is situated on the city’s most prominent site – Grodzka Island opposite the Chrobry Embankments.

The planned investment proposes that 150 yachts will moor by the floating piers located on both banks of the River Duńczyca – between Grodzka Island and Łasztownia. People will be able to get to Łasztownia across the river on a pedestrian drawbridge. The concept includes the development of the southern part of the Island, which is overgrown with wild vegetation. There will be a small amphitheatre, a café, a restaurant, small playing fields, and sanitary facilities for sailors. The western part of the island will feature a promenade with several mooring places for yachts and a water tram. The promenade, with its greenery, will be a perfect place for rest and leisure, featuring a beautiful view of the Chrobry Embankments. Enthusiasts of active recreation will have water equipment rental at their disposal.

The Floating Garden idea is slowly making its way into the urban space [Śródodrze is changing its character” announced Piotr Krzystek, Mayor of SzczecinIf we receive a grant from the Interreg programme, the first stage of the works - from Bielawa Island to the Little Drawbridge - will be completed before the TTSR Regatta Finals in 2013

The Yacht Port will feature permanent mooring places for yachts. It will also attract a large number of sailors from the Baltic Sea and yachts passing through Szczecin on their way to and from Berlin. Thanks to the proximity of the city centre, they will stop here for a few days to sightsee. The complete infrastructure of the Port will enable them to store water, recharge batteries (available at mooring places), dispose of waste, fuel up, and raise or lower the mast. For shipowners who will be willing to launch here, there will be available a crane able to carry 1500 kg. The social building on Grodzka Island will feature sufficient toilets and showers, as well as laundries and drying rooms. Additionally, several toilets and shower facilities will be located under the bridge on both bridgeheads.

The creation of the Yacht Port on this site will fill the gap in the water route from the upper course of the Oder to the Bay of Szcecin and over to the Baltic Sea. To this day, many yachts avoid Szczecin, as they have nowhere to moor. Yachts sailing on the West Oder to Berlin and Schwedt, after a several-hour journey, will now be able to stop at a safe and pleasant place  for a night or two, and then to go further to the Bay of Szczecin, e.g. to Ueckermuende. This creates a peculiar transborder water route connecting the harbours on the Polish and German sides. That is why the City of Szczecin, along with the Uecher Randow District, have developed a joint project “The Sailing Tourism Base – the Szczecin Yacht Port and ZeRUM Ueckermunde – on the transborder water route.”

In March 2010 an application was submitted for a grant from Operational Programme Objective 3, - “European Territorial Cooperation” –the trans-border cooperation” between the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/Brandenburg regions and the Republic of Poland (the West-Pomeranian Voivodeship) 2007-2013, i.e. INTERREG IVa. The value of the project is about 5 million euro. On the German side the rebuilding of the ZeRUM Centre pier is planned – deepening the basin, strengthening the wharfs, buying and installating the jetties, and developing the facilities – total value about EUR 2 million.

Within the project, Szczecin will be funding only one of the stages of the investment. About EUR 3 mln will be needed for the part over water – the pedestrian drawbridge with lavatories, and floating piers for about 80 yachts. At the same time, other funds (PLN 10 mln) will be allocated to raising the level of the south-eastern part of the Island’s bank and to installing utilities. This part of the investment will be implemented before the Tall Ships Races Regatta finals in August 2013, if the INTERREG funds are granted. The decision will be made on 13-14 December at a meeting of the Polish-German Committee for evaluating individual applications and allocating funds to respective projects from the entire Euroregion of Pomerania.

Another, third stage, of the extension of the Szczecin Yacht Port, is the raising and development of the southern part of the Island, the strengthening of the western and northern wharf, and the construction of social buildings, clubs, and cafés – total value  about PLN 35 mln. In stage 4, which will cost PLN 14 mln, an amphitheatre and restaurant will be built, as well as more floating piers for 70 yachts and a floating fuel station. The entire investment in the Yacht Port – the four stages – will cost about PLN 70 mln. The last two stages may be implemented in the future with additional  Union funds, eg. from the Regional Operational Programme or from new European Funds available after 2013.

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