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The City of modern technologies

The City of modern technologies

Szczecin places a bet on innovation and development of new technologies’ line, specifically on companies of computer science sector.

Even presently, not only in Poland but also abroad are known Szczecin’s computer science companies such as BLStream – a supplier of computer science systems for telecommunication, financial and the medial lines, the producer of mobile software.
The main customers of BLStream are operators of cellular phones in Poland, either the biggest ones, as the new ones on the market, banks, international financial and insurance institutions and also international software producers for portable devices. Thanks to taking care of high quality of services and production, BLStream is pleased with confidence of demanding companies from West Europe and the United States. More than half of the income of the company comes from foreign orders.
One of the fastest expanding company of IT line in Szczecin is home.pl. It is out of question leader on hosting services market in Poland, which for the past 10 years supply advanced solutions allowing to provide internet webs and e-mails. Professionalism of home.pl  has been appreciated by almost 300 thousands of customers from all over the country, and the business card of the company becomes the highest quality service of the client, and constant widening of an offer as well as its adaptation to the requirements and expectations of the users. Constant development of home.pl guarantees new work places, especially for IT specialists.
Together with universities
For development of IT line a very big significance has development of computer science faculties of universities, gaining personnel with computer science or related speciality, creation of attractive living and professional conditions for over average graduated students from Szczecin’s universities who are finishing the computer science faculties.
A crucial stimulus for the development of IT line will be realisation of the project, which is drawn up by Szczecin’s Science and Technological Park – The Centre of Innovation Support “POMERANIA’. The aim of the project is to prepare, on Szczecin’s terrain, objects for running the economy activities in the area of high technologies, research and development. Within the objects with high technical standard, the already existing companies will run activities from the range of high technology, computer science techniques as well as research and development centres in the range of widely understood economy based on knowledge and information society. Location of the companies with speciality from the area of e-commerce, outsourcing, electronic banking, tele-work, tele-medicine, e-learning, call centre, support systems and help desk, software, tele-computer-science network, computer software renting by Internet (ASP – Application Service Provider and other widely understood electronic services for public administration. Within the confines of CI the Service Centres will be functioning specialising in BPO (Business Process Offshoring) services as well as clusters computer science, bio-mass, low temperature plasma, tourist, chemical, educational, printing) and co-operation network.

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