Poznaj Szczecin

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Szczecin – a creative architectural project

Szczecin – a creative architectural project

Szczecin charms its unique design – many green areas, its secessionist beauty which merges with modernity.

The city has experiences very turbulent moments in history which influenced its architecture. The city as we know today was really born in XIX century. Military functions of Szczecin fortress, enlarged by Prussian authorities, made urban development impossible. In 1873 fortresses and city walls were demolished and a very dynamic city development started.
The new spatial lay-out very carefully outlined the city structure. Szczecin spatial development was a classical example of geometric town planning with star-shaped squares with neoclassical and secessionist buildings and functional public utility buildings.

Another important stage in city development was at the turn of XIX and XX centuries when suburban councils and small town were included into the city. The basic city structure was created in a ‘modelling’ way. Wide streets assured safe traffic. The city centre become the centre of city life, the cluster of trade, services and cultural objects together with housing areas with beautifully designed villas, rich flora and recreational areas (Pogodno, Glebokie Lake and its environs, Gumience).

Industry and trade were located in the northern part. Post-war years meant reconstruction of war destructions and building of the city for a new society. The population inflow and their increasing housing needs resulted in areas on the right bank of the Oder. Different urban assumptions and different buildings mainly made of slab changed the image of the city.

Current conditionings allow for another dynamic city development. Szczecin charms its uniqueness. Beautiful old buildings and star-shaped street arrangement make the city similar to Paris. The floating, green island on the Oder is today a great challenge for the best designers. A modern Floating Garden is a place for good life and recreation.

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