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The 2011 European Swimming Championship in Szczecin

Montag, 08/11/2010
The 2011 European Swimming Championship in Szczecin

The representatives of the European Swimming League LEN have taken part in the opening of the new swimming pool.

European Championship 2011 was announced during a Press conference. In attendance were Krzysztof Usielski – the President of Polish Swimming Federation, Jerzy Kowalski – the Secretary General of Polish Swimming Federation, Nory Kruchten – the President of the European Swimming League LEN, László Szakadát – the Chief Eexecutive of LEN,  Piotr Krzystek – the Mayor of Szczecin and Krzysztof Soska – the Deputy Mayor of the city.

“The building is really impressive, I would like to thank Mr Krzystek the Mayor of Szczecin”, said Nory Kruchten, the President of European Swimming League LEN.We, the whole family of swimmers and I, cannot wait till next year, when the European Championship that will take place at this swimming pool.”

The European Championship will be the biggest sports event organised in Poland in 2011. For swimmers, it is going to be one of the last tests of their condition before the Olympic Games in London. The results from Szczecin will play a decisive role as far as taking part in the Olympics is concerned. Our city will be at the centre of attention of all fans and experts of swimming, not only from Europe. Many of them will arrive in Szczecin to make sure, in the flesh, how strong their contestants and competitors are. It is beyond any doubt that in Szczecin we will have the chance to observe the future Olympic champions, as Europe is very “strong” in swimming. It is also certain that, for a few days, Szczecin will become the world capital of swimming.

The Championship will be organised by LEN (the European Swimming League), the Polish Swimming Federation, and the City of Szczecin. The organisation of the event is going to cost about 1 million euro, at today’s prices. About 500 competitors, and a similar number of people from national teams – trainers, medical staff, physical therapists, and team leaders –  from 40 European countries, will take part in the championship.  Moreover the Championship will be involve:

  • Over 300 accredited journalists
  • Television teams from over 10 countries
  • About 50 representatives of LEN (European Swimming League)
  • About 300 volunteers
  • 38 swimming competitions during which the medals will be given
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