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Baltic Tall Ships Regatta 2015

Baltic Tall Ships Regatta 2015
12.06.2015, hour 00:00 - 15.06.2015, hour 23:00

Appetite for sails, sea shanties and truly maritime atmosphere in Szczecin is huge. Every year in summer there are a number of smaller or larger events of  this nature. The Chrobry Embankments become even more magical and the walk along the Odra River among dozens of beautiful ships makes you feel like in a different world. In June 2015 the Baltic Regatta, also called “The Small Tall Ships Races”, will take place here. We will host about 50 tall ships which visit us after competing in the Baltic Sea.


The organizer of the Regatta is The English Association of Sail Training International, their largest project are, of course, The Tall Ships Races. STI cooperated with the city many times, and the choice of Szczecin as a host of the finals for the third time proves that the Association appreciates the organization and the climate that prevails during the finals TSR Szczecin. Maritime Education program, which operates in Szczecin for nearly 20 years is very much appreciated by the English. By this time the program was attended by approx. 30,000 young people.


The Baltic Regatta is a kind of „foretaste” for the next grand finale of The Tall Ships Races, which will be held in Szczecin, on the 5-8 of August 2017.

Then at the Chrobry Embankments and Łasztownia about a hundred sailing ships and yachts will moor again.


Do not miss the next meeting in Szczecin


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