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Szczecin of the future is a Floating Garden

Thursday, 17/04/2008
Szczecin of the future is a Floating Garden

The new vision of Szczecin is a revolution in the city development. Szczecin turns to water, ecology and plans to combine benefits of a metropolis and a comfortable place to live.

On April 14th Mayor of the City of Szczecin Piotr Krzystek presented the logo of Szczecin. The new logo refers to its coat of arms. The day earlier workers of Szczecin City Hall saw the project of the new vision of the city and on April 15th the presentation for schoolchildren and inhabitants took place. The main topic of the presentation was not the logo itself but the vision of the city development and a separate symbol which will accompany the project. The name of the city was written in IPA, an international phonetic alphabet.

Floating Garden is a message Szczecin sends to the world. It tells about the openness of the city, its cross border facilities and vision. It emphasises city’s multi-cultural and multi-language diversity.
The implementation of the vision will start immediately after the premiere. The vision will reflect city’s investment projects that should follow the idea of an environmentally friendly and modern city.

One of the first investments will emerge on the Oder River, including Łasztownia, Kepa Parnicka, Grodzka, Zielona, Bielawa, Wenecja and Jaskółcza. Howard Holdings company plans to build a modern district in a part of this area. The new vision will spread to other investments –city infrastructure, public transport, stadium and a philharmonic orchestra house in Szczecin.

The new vision is the result of a six-month work of the City, thanks to which the city will be able to compete with the most creative European cities. The project included an analysis of the city’s brand, Szczecin’s perception among Poles and foreigners, Visual Identification System and the vision of the city. To prepare the strategy the city spent PLN 480 thousand.


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