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Szczecin - The Capital of Art

Thursday, 10/07/2008
Szczecin - The Capital of Art

The song “ Szczecin The Capital of Art” written and performed by the Szczecin actor Krzysztof Czeczot, will promote the city. At the same time it is the anthem of Szczecin as the European Culture Capital 2016.
“ Czeczot’s song is the first response to the motto ‘Do your Art’ (the official logo of ECC 2016), ,said Pawel Osuchowski, Mayor’s Plenipotentiary on European Culture Capital.
“Faith can move mountains, Szczecin – European Culture Capital” – these words of the song will surely help Szczecin in the struggle to grant Szczecin this title in 2016, added Pawel Osuchowski.
“We hope that this song will reflect our efforts in applying for this title”, says Celina Skrobisz, the spokesperson to Mayor of Szczecin.
The music of the song is a joint effort by Krzysztof Czeczot and Maciej Cybulski.
Szczecin is the only city in Poland applying for the title of the European Culture Capital 2016.

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