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Silver Monika Pyrek

Tuesday, 19/08/2008
Silver Monika Pyrek

Monika Pyrek, a competitor of the City Athletic Club in Szczecin, won the silver medal during the World Championships in Athletics taking place in Berlin. 

The Championships turned out to be very fortunate for Polish pole-vaulters. Anna Rogowska, a member of the Sopot Athletic Club, won the gold medal and the representative of Szczecin, Monika Pyrek, the silver.. Poles dethroned the world title & world record holder Jelena Isinbajewa, who had not been defeated for years. 
The achievements of Monika Pyrek include two world championship medals – bronze from Edmonton (2001) and silver won in Helsinki (2005).
Monika Pyrek writes on her official website:
"I would like to give my thanks for all the congratulations. I was touched by all the e-mails and text messages. I would like to show my gratitude to all the people who prepared me for this competition! They deserve the same applause. The coach Wiaczesław Kaliniczenko, physical therapist, Marek Adamski, doctor Grzegorz Biegański, psychologist Nikodem Żukowski – thank you with all my heart! Moreover, the Szczecin team, with Paweł Bartnik, that supported me and cheered me up in my hardest moments. I would like to thank my parents and my brother, who came to Berlin to keep their fingers crossed, this time in person!
I give all my regards, and tomorrow, after receiving the medal, I’m coming back home to Szczecin :)”

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