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Old cars collection in Szczecin

Friday, 20/06/2008
Old cars collection in Szczecin

It is the biggest collection of old cars in Poland, describing the history of Polish motor industry. There are already 18 out o 118 vehicles in Szczecin, in the Museum of Technology and Communication. These vehicles include Warszawa ‘garbus’ with equipment of Civic Police, ‘beskid’ car , ‘smyk’ car and the unique ‘maluch’ in cross-country version.
“It has been a great success of the city and Szczecin can boast about it! We are the only country in the world with a cross-country car built on the basis of ‘maluch’”, said Piotr Krzystek, Mayor of Szczecin.
“ It is really a very unique car’, says Stanislaw Horoszko, director of the museum. ‘It is the collection which has been coming into existence for 20 years.’ he added.
Next vehicles are expected to arrive in Szczecin by the end of September. The renovation of the old depot has already started. The cost of the undertaking partially covered by norwegian funds is estimated at 12m PLN. The whole collection of cars will be shown to public in 2010 when the opening of the museum is planned but already this autumn the first presentation of vehicles will take place.
Photo: Piotr Krzystek Mayor of Szczecin sitting at the steering wheel of the old “Warsaw” car.


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