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July weekends in the Rose Garden of Art

Monday, 04/07/2016
July weekends in the Rose Garden of Art

Big beat and jazz, African and Balkan music, an army orchestra and a chamber music band. July weekends packed with great music at the Rose Garden of Art.
The Rose Garden of Art is a series of summer art events for the residents of Szczecin and tourists held in Różanka, Szczecin’s most famous rose garden. It features concerts, open-air workshops and exhibitions, as well as art-themed events for children, interactive performances and creative workshops. It is also an outdoor reading space with good books and comfortable beach chairs.



• 2 JULY, Saturday, 12.00
Well-known songs from musicals and films, as well as Spanish songs performed by a soloist from Szczecin, Anna Michalska - Przybysz. The concert’s programme features music composed by Ennio Morricone and Spanish composer Manuel de Falla.
• 3 JULY, Saturday
• The stage programme: 12:00 – 13:00 Kontrast Kwartet & Jona Ardyn. 13:00 – 14:00 Paweł Kluczko performing Ukrainian songs and ballads
• An open-air dance event
14:00 – 13:00
• A dance event led by the KRĄG Song and Dance Ensemble of the Szczecin Land and a dance party to the greatest hits of the 1960s led by a Szczecin-based group of DJs. Activities for children.
• 9 JULY, Saturday

A concert by the Szczecin Army Orchestra. During the concert the orchestra will present a programme mainly composed of military songs and melodies, both the old and the new ones. The orchestra will be accompanied by soloists conducted by Capt. Jarosław Michałko.
• 10 JULY, Sunday

“Tomorrow is a good day” is a concert of Helena Majdaniec’s greatest hits in Szymon Orłowski's new arrangements. Helena Majdaniec’s songs will be performed by Magda Wilento and the band.
• 17.30
“ZJAZD MŁODYCH GWIAZD” EVENT FOR YOUNG STARS - “Songs by big beat girls”, featuring

A concert of (all) finalists of the event – Szczecin 2016
Awards and concert
“Jazzowski band - the old in a new way”.
• 15 JULY, Friday


Featuring Baltic Neopolis Quartet and Miriam Brüllová (guitar).
The concert is part of the Baltic Neopolis Festival, 2nd International Music Fesitval.
• Performers include: Sylvie Bodorowa Cocierto de Estio, Roman Haas sequences for a string trio, Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia na violin and cellos, Leo Weiner Divertimento No.1, Op. 20, Paweł Łukaszewski string quartet No. 3
• 16 JULY, Saturday

Serre M'mharry – Mbaba music project in an exotic mood inspired by African rhythms. The band is composed of Szczecin-based musicians and M’mharry Sylla Wiszniewska, originally from Guinea, who sings in the Susu language. The concert will feature both ethnic trance songs and upbeat, sunny songs.
• 19.00

Magda Navarette and Caravana Banda, a true Balkan fiesta and absolute energy. Caravana Banda is an explosive mix of European music. Fascinating gypsy jazz with a note of Balkan roots and dance and Flamenco music with slight oriental influences.
• 17 JULY, Sunday

A concert of the enjoyed and popular 1960s Polish hits “Big beat, blues, rock, jazz” performed by Wojtek Rapa Quartet. Featuring: Małgorzata Jarmoc - vocals, Wojtek Rapa - vocals, guitar, Dariusz Kamiński - drums, Janusz “Kanapa” Jędrzejewski - guitar, bass, vocals.
• 22 JULY, Friday
Szczecin Jazz

• 23 JULY, Saturday
Szczecin Jazz

Sylwester Ostrowski Quartet: "Don’t Explain"
• 19:00
Szczecin Jazz

Angelika Anozie and the band
• 24 JULY, Sunday
Szczecin Jazz

Reggie Moore Trio & Jona Ardyn
• 30 JULY, Saturday

Justyna Pustkówka and students of vocals and jazz at the Szczecin Academy of Art.
• 19:00

Różankowa Potańcówka (Różanka Dance Party)– led by the Academy of Art Foundation in Szczecin.

•31 JULY, Sunday


A vocal concert by the VIOLIN band from Kamień Pomorski accompanied by a piano. The band: Małgorzata Oliwiecka-Stankiewicz, Michał Wojciechowski, Mariusz Stankiewicz.
• The concert will feature works by such composers as: D.Foster, B. Graham, D. German, W.A. Mozart, J.S. Bach, G. Gershwin, L. Cohen and love songs, including “Memory”, “Usta milczą”, “What a wonderful world”, “The Prayer”.

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