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The next edition of Fair Friends Football Tournament programme

Thursday, 16/06/2016
The next edition of Fair Friends Football Tournament programme

Szczecin has hosted a German group of children who took part in the Polish and German Fair Friends programme. It’s another instalment in this year’s edition, involving primary schools from Szczecin, Kołobrzeg and Berlin.

Fair Friends is an educational football project which involves pupils from both Polish and German primary schools. Approximately 600 children who attend 12 fifth grades of German primary schools and 12 fourth grades of primary schools in Szczecin and Kołobrzeg participate in it. Among the 24 classes taking part in the programme 12 German and Polish teams were created as the project’s base. This year’s motto of the event is “We are Europe”.

Until mid-May the German pupils were hosted by their friends from Szczecin. At the centre of the week there is a football tournament which relates to this year’s European Football Championships. In June the Polish group will participate in a similar meeting which will be held in Berlin.
The Fair Friends 2016 project is organised by employees of Gesellschaft fur Sport-und Judendsozialarbeit gGmbH (GSJ) Association, with its headquarters in Berlin. The partners in the project include Municipal Offices and primary schools from Szczecin and Kołobrzeg. The event is co-financed from the funds of the Pomerania Euroregion under the Polish-German Youth Cooperation programme.


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