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• Events schedule for the Summer Theatre in Szczecin

Tuesday, 12/04/2016
•	Events schedule for the Summer Theatre in Szczecin

The new theatrical season has the making of a very interesting one. The enthusiasts of disco polo music should be especially excited about it, as they will be given an opportunity to enjoy performances by their favourites. But not only them...

The season opens on 20 May, with a celebration of Firefighters’ Day and a performance by Andrzej Piaseczny. Another concert is scheduled for 29 May – the “Disco Polo Night”. The performers include bands such as Boys, Weekend and After Party.

On 1 June we extend an invitation to the youngest citizens to participate in the celebrations of Children's Day; two days later, in the theatre, performs the legendary, fantastic, band – Dżem.

On 5 June we move on to the “Unforgettable Polish Artists Festival”. The list of performers includes Halina Kunicka and Jerzy Połomski. Another event takes place on 11 June, which gives you a chance to participate in the Lily of the Valley Festival. And 17 June is another treat for disco polo music buffs. During “The Beautiful Wedding”, which is a wedding-music concert, the audience will enjoy music by Shazza and groups such as Nova, Skaner, Ladies and Milano.

From 22 to 26 June there takes place the Tournament of the Tenors, an event organised at the Castle Opera. At the same location, from 29 June to 3 July, also takes place the Rock Ballet.

Four consecutive dates have been booked for events organised by the Westpomeranian Jazz Association: 10 July marks the performance by the Wojciech Myrczek Quartet, 17 July - Olga Boczar with the band, 24 July – Eskaubei & Tomek Nowak Quartet, and 31 July - Jackpot.

And least but not last, a true fan favourite that guarantees the presence of legions of fans in the Summer Theatre – the sketch comedy troupes. On 9 September, the sketch comedy troupe - Paranienormalni performs in Szczecin.


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