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Scandinavian Days – The space of common energy

Tuesday, 12/04/2016
Scandinavian Days – The space of common energy

The organisation of Scandinavian Days in Szczecin is slowly becoming a tradition. The third edition of the event takes place from 21 to 24 April.

This year's Scandinavian Days in Szczecin fit into the series of events associated with the Polish Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States. Its motto - “The space of common energy” - serves as a link for the continuation of the concept of a Polish-Scandinavian platform for active and interdisciplinary cooperation initiated 3 years ago.

Due to its advantageous geographical location, Szczecin aspires to be the gateway for Central Europe to the North, and for Scandinavia to the South, by promoting dialogue on the newest trends in the broadly understood renewable energy sector, the green economy and the trends related to the development of smart cities.

Renowned scientists and experts from the Scandinavian countries and Poland are to participate in the discussion panel. Specialists with in-depth knowledge of the programmes for funding the pro-innovation and pro-environmental activities carried out by local governments and entrepreneurs were also invited.

Scandinavian Days naturally create ample opportunity for establishing business and social contacts, initiating new educational and tourist projects, and welcoming into the city Scandinavian people studying and working in Szczecin.

The list of the guests of honour includes His Excellency the Ambassador of Denmark Mr Steen Hommel, Her Excellency the Ambassador of Sweden Ms Inga Eriksson Fogh, His Excellency the Ambassador of Norway Mr Karsten Klepsvik, Her Excellency the Ambassador of Finland Ms Hanna Lehtinen, and experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland, as well as academic and local-government experts, and representatives of non-governmental organisations and artistic and cultural circles.

The Royal Norwegian Embassy is the strategic partner in the event.


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